Got Questions?

here are the PFCA FAQs!

How often do you have classes?

We develop and roll out new classes all year long. Once a class is ready to release, we schedule trainings in various locations statewide. During this time, we also train local community facilitators to teach the class in their region. It is our goal to hold hold each class at least twice a year in each region. You can check out the course calendar, here.

how do i enroll in a class?

If you are a new student, you will need to register. Click here to start your convenient online registration.

If you have already registered or are a returning student, you are welcome to enroll in PFCA classes. Check out our course calendar, here.

Can anyone take these classes?

PFCA enrollees must meet specific criteria to enroll in a class.  Since the funding comes from AHCCCS, we must restrict enrollment to those who are specifically employed as peer or family support staff in Arizona, or are a supervisor that includes peer or family support staff.

Who creates your classes?

PFCA classes tap into the knowledge of top national and local subject-matter-experts. The course subjects are determined by the Governance Committee, and the curriculum is created by the PFCA Program Coordinator.


what do the classes cost?

The PFCA is a community educational resource and is generously funded by AHCCCS. PFCA provides quality continuing education for peer and family support employees and volunteers, and all classes are offered at no cost to the participant or their organization. 

How do I register for PFCA classes?

You can start by filling out and submitting the online registration. Once we receive your application, we will look at upcoming class schedules and work with to find your best options. 

How do I become a trainer for the PFCA?

There are specific prerequisites that PFCA Trainers must meet to become authorized to facilitate classes. Once the prerequisites are met, the trainer must go through the class as a regular student, and then spend an additional day in a rigorous train-the-trainer class. A PFCA Trainer also has obligations they must meet to remain in good standing.

How long are the classes?

Most PFCA classes are two full back-to-back days. The classes are high energy and immersive, so we ask participants to commit to undivided attention during the two days.  If a student is going on to the Train-the-Trainer segment of the class, this requires an additional full day of rigorous training. Check out our course calendar for specific course details.