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Rural Lunch & Learn Forum

Distance makes no difference when join in to this extraordinary discussion! This online group is designed especially for those that work in Arizona’s rural regions, where you will address those hard hitting topics that effect you and the people you serve.

The Rural Lunch & Learn Forum is an action-packed 1/2 hour long, and promises the opportunity to make connections and brainstorm solutions. You can Zoom in if you have a computer with a camera (we use or simply call-in. Plus, all sessions will be recorded so you can listen in at your convenience.

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 Yuma students preparing for a class presentation.

Yuma students preparing for a class presentation.

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peer hacks

What is a “Peer Hack”? It is the appropriate use of your cleverness to build rapport faster than you would by a standard approach. Some will call these hacks down-and-dirty. I prefer to call Peer Hacks "a carefully crafted blast of ingenuity". ~Gloriana Hunter

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Our vision

The Peer and Family Career Academy will inspire Recovery and Wellness through Professional Development and Continuing Education, in order to equip Emerging Leaders and strengthen the Peer and Family Support workforce.


the PFCA is a Collaborative INITIATIVE

The PFCA was created from the vision of many dedicated service providers in Arizona. Peer and family support has significant impact on individuals receiving services. PFCA courses build upon Peer Employment Training by providing hands-on, skill-based professional development courses to the Peer and Family Support Workforce. The PFCA is funded through AHCCCS and provides quality continuing education at no cost to the peer or family support employee, or to their employing organization.


The PFCA Cornerstones

Be a Community Educational Resource

The PFCA is a community educational resource for peer and family support staff employed in Arizona. The PFCA provides access to professional development and quality continuing education which meets and exceeds expectations set forth in AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual Chapter 900, Policy 961.

Provide Access to arizona Experts

The PFCA provides a platform to honor, document, and build upon the knowledge of subject matter experts. It allows community access to their knowledge through a variety of formal and informal educational opportunities.


Identify and Equip Emerging Leaders

The PFCA is committed to identifying and equipping emerging leaders employed in peer and family support. PFCA will empower emerging leaders though train-the-trainer and master trainer programs, and will provide a platform for statewide networking with others committed to recovery and wellness.

Work in collaboration with stakeholders

The PFCA works collaboratively to strengthen the role of peer and family support with a variety of national, state and regional stakeholders including organizations providing direct services, peer and family nonprofits, coalitions, AHCCCS, Office of Individual and Family Affairs, and T/RHBAs.