become an Authorized PFCA trainer

The PFCA Train the Trainer course is offered in conjunction with all PFCA courses. Attendance is by invitation only and you must have an authorization from an administrator at your agency.

To become a PFCA Trainer, you will first complete the course as a regular student, and then spend an additional day in a rigorous Train-the-Trainer class. Upon successful completion, you will be authorized to facilitate that PFCA course for various organizations in your region. You will have access to curriculum, lesson plans, resources, and tools, and we will assist you in scheduling your classes, finding your venues, and filling up your seats with participants who are ready to learn.

As a community-based resource with a limited operating budget, the PFCA Trainer is a volunteer position. While all costs associated with class material and venues are covered by PFCA, no compensation is offered to authorized trainers. However, your employer may offer compensation when you train PFCA courses. While the PFCA has no influence over your employer's decision, you can check directly with your employer to see if they have a compensation option available to you.

PFCA Trainer process

To be an authorized PFCA Trainer, you must do the following:

  1. Enroll as a student in the course you wish to train

  2. Have perfect attendance in and successfully pass the course

  3. Successfully pass the rigorous Train-the-Trainer class specific to your desired course

  4. Adhere to the PFCA Commitments, stated below.

PFCA Trainer Commitments

To maintain your authorization as a PFCA Trainer, you must commit to the following obligations:

  1. Facilitate each class in alignment and with fidelity to the PFCA curriculum

  2. Facilitate a class twice each year, at minimum (each class is two full days)

  3. Send post-class information to the PFCA within five (5) business days of class completion (final roster, course evaluations, certificates issued, etc.)

  4. Keep abreast of and implement changes to curriculum and instruction delivery

  5. Attend an periodic PFCA Trainer-the-Trainer Refresher

If you wish to discuss the Train the Trainer track, please use the form below or call us at (855) 8AZ-PFCA (29-7322).

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