about supervising peer & family support

reaching extraordinary outcomes

Join us in a one-day seminar on how to provide optimal supervision for your Peer and Family Support staff that will help your program deliver extraordinary outcomes. This course is for supervisors only; you do NOT need to be a peer or family support employee to enroll. We encourage attendance from clinicians and medical staff who oversee programs where peer and family support services are utilized.


  • Clearly define the roles and expectations for peer and family support employees

  • Articulate the uniqueness of peer and family support as part of a clinical team

  • Understand and gauge whether your peer & family support are working within their scope of practice

  • Utilize disciplinary action to enhance performance, not damage it further

  • Remedy ambiguity before it damages your program

Course eligibility:

This course welcomes Supervisors from a wide variety of professional roles, including: Medical providers, Clinicians, Charge Nurses, and Program Administrators. 

Note: For the supervisor course, you do not need to hold a peer for family certificate. You do not need to identify as someone with personal lived experience.

Classes are a two-day commitment and conveniently held in various regions throughout Arizona. Seats are limited. We will work with you to find your best class options.

To qualify for the PFCA Supervisor Course, you must be currently employed in Arizona as a supervisor for employees who are in one of the following qualifying roles:

  • Peer/recovery support specialist (PRSS)

  • Credentialed parent/family support provider (PFSS)